Saturday, December 11, 2010

Coco Hobo: The Blog "Review"

Coco Hobo: The Blog, (this British-Canadian vagabond, concrete poet, philosopher, amateur epicure, intrepid traveller, avid outdoorsman, owner of Innings Gate Co.) reviews the opening night receiption of Ciba Karisik at De Luca Fine Art | Gallery and I'm going to have to say, "she liked it!".

..........So the event kicked off at 6pm, and entertained a steady stream of buyers, voyeurs, and epicures until the food and wine was packed up at 10pm. By eight o'clock the party was so full, it felt more like a club night than an exhibit opening. I was screaming at my friends J and M over the conversation. So loud. Other gallery events I've been to did not have this kind of atmosphere (save I guess for the Power Ball and AGO Massive Party lol). My fellow entrepreneur colleague, who shall remain nameless, actually said she went to an opening at 1313 Gallery before coming to the Ciba party, and it was "nothing like this." Has De Luca Fine Art become the next hotspot on the block??......

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