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"HOW WE ROLL" George Whiteside and Harley Valentine

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De Luca Fine Art | Gallery
217 Avenue Road, Toronto ON M5R 2J3

Corrado De Luca 
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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

De Luca Fine Art | Gallery presents Barb Hunt

Barb Hunt "Steel Dresses", at the De Luca Fine Art | Gallery, Toronto, Ontario 
is linked to two current exhibitions: 

Paper Doll, Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
May 5 to September 3, 2012. Curator, Julia Pine
Includes 23 artists: Barb Hunt; KC Adams; Ingrid Bachmann; Lori Blondeau; Dana Claxton; Cathy Daley; Nicole Dextras; Aganetha Dyck; Jane Eccles; Gathie Falk; Farheen Haq; Michele Karch-Ackerman; Meryl McMaster; Kent Monkman; Janet Morton; Jacques Payette; Camal Pirbhai; Barbara Pratt; Ana Rewakowicz; Natalie Purschwitz; Jana Sterbak; Camille Turner, and Mary Sui Yee Wong. 


Fashionality: Dress and identity in Contemporary Canadian Art, McMichael Gallery, Kleinburg, Ontario
March 30 to June 10, 2012. Curator, Anne Koval and Guest Curator, Julia Pine
Includes the following 8 artists: Barb Hunt, Ed Pien, Sylvia Plath, Cindy Sherman, Jeannie Thib, Anna Torma, Cybèle Young, and Lynne Yamamoto.

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The Comics Journal


As Tom Spurgeon notes, TCAF is an ideal occasion to enjoy not just a superb comics festival but also a great city. So here’s a tip for Toronto visitors who want to see a little bit more of the city’s culture, while also enjoying a  comics-related jaunt: take some time out to go to the Tony Calzetta exhibit at the De Luca Fine Art Gallery (217 Avenue Road – about a ten minute walk from the main TCAF building).

Calzetta cartoons on the canvas, which puts him in a now venerable tradition of comics-inspired painters. Unlike Roy Lichtenstein, Calzetta doesn’t do cool, detached appropriations of illustration images from romance comics or war comics. Rather, Calzetta is closer in spirit to Philip Guston, doodling with his paint brush to evoke the warm, scribbly free-spirited iconic forms of early 20th comic strips. But where Guston’s stubbly, cluttered paintings called to mind the slightly-claustrophobic world of Mutt and Jeff, Calzetta’s open  spaces and bold colors evoke the antic play of George Herrimans’s Krazy Kat.

Having spent a happy afternoon with Calzetta’s paintings, Herriman was never far from mind. Partially it was a matter of capering shifty shapes that are never content to settle down but are always transforming themelves before your eyes – the stumps that could be elephant feet or steep desert mountain, the upside down umbrella which could also be a ship or a mushroom, the trees that weirdly have branches growing at right angles making them at times look like chimneys with blowing smoke. Herriman’s also present in the way Calzetta stages his paintings – often putting a not-quite-rectangular border within the painting itself, calling to mind Herriman’s play with panels and placing of his characters in a proscenium theatre within the strip (and indeed in earlier painting Calzetta placed his images within a proscenium theatre). And of course, there are the colors – often circus bright in the foreground but set against a darker background.

Beyond all these surface similarities, there is also the feel of Calzetta’s work. Like Herriman, he’s an artist who makes me cheerful even when the work deals mournful themes of loss and separation. The joy that these artists provoke is not a naive pleasure and doesn’t come from the denial of pain. Rather, they have the special gift of returning art in its primordial roots of childhood play even as they grapple with adult concerns.

To say that Calzetta is a Herriman-esque artist is very high praise, but I think anyone who sees his work will realize that he deserves it.

(Calzetta’s paintings will be available for viewing on Friday May 4th and Saturday May 5th).

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De Luca Fine Art | Gallery presents Barb Hunt: Steel Dresses

| May 12 - Jun 16 | opening reception Sat 12 May 4-9pm |
| 217 Avenue Road, Toronto, Ontario | Artist Present |
For many years Barb made her own clothes, and in Winnipeg worked in a clothing factory to save money for grad school. After completing her MFA, she worked as a textile pattern designer in Montreal and this influenced the designs on her steel dresses. Each metal dress is fabricated from a single sheet of cold-rolled steel. The dress shapes vary, and delicate forms are cut out to resemble textile patterns, images from nature, or forms traditionally associated with the category labelled "femininity".

This work originated as a way of investigating the social constructions of identity, in particular the categories of masculinity and femininity. Through these terms and their preconceptions, Barb investigates the notion of gendered subjectivity. In her work, she uses the meanings culturally inscribed onto materials and processes as a way of examining the construction of gender. She is particularly drawn to feminism's acceptance of domestic activities as a valid approach to contemporary art practice. Thus, Barbara considers the making of these steel dresses as “sewing with fire”. She interweaves both contradictory and supportive correlations between material, image, and process in order to hypothesize alternative visions of identity.
In much of her art practice, Barbara attempts to recuperate what has been considered "feminine", which historically has been discredited. Whether imbued by training or biologically inherited, Barbara believes that many of these qualities are of vital importance to our survival. In her work, she is interested in developing tactics that can further illuminate and unravel contradictions between cultural notions about gender and our daily lived experience.
Barb Hunt received a visual art diploma from the University of Manitoba and completed an MFA at Concordia University, Montreal. Her art practice has also focused on the rituals of mourning, particularly those of Newfoundland, and the devastation of war: knitting antipersonnel land mines in pink wool, and creating works from camouflage army uniforms. Her work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions across Canada and internationally. She has also been awarded residencies in Canada, Paris and Ireland. She has been the recipient of Canada Council grants, as well as the President's Award for Outstanding Research from Memorial University of Newfoundland, where she teaches in the Visual Arts Program, Grenfell Campus.

Barb Hunt's last exhibition in Toronto – Antipersonnel – was at the Art Gallery of Ontario in 2001.

De Luca Fine Art's Steel Dresses is linked to two current exhibitions:
Paper Doll – at Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, May 5-Sept 3, 2012. Curator, Julia Pine. Includes 23 artists: KC Adams, Ingrid Bachmann, Lori Blondeau, Dana Claxton, Cathy Daley, Nicole Dextras, Aganetha Dyck, Jane Eccles, Gathie Falk, Farheen Haq, Barb Hunt, Michele Karch-Ackerman, Meryl McMaster; Kent Monkman; Janet Morton; Jacques Payette; Camal Pirbhai; Barbara Pratt; Ana Rewakowicz; Natalie Purschwitz; Jana Sterbak; Camille Turner, and Mary Sui Yee Wong.

Fashionality: Dress and Identity in Contemporary Canadian Art – at McMichael Collection of Canadian Art, Kleinburg, Ontario. May 5-Sep 3, 2012. Curator, Anne Koval. Includes 8 artists: Barb Hunt, Ed Pien, Sylvia Plath, Cindy Sherman, Jeannie Thib, Anna Torma, Cybe´le Young, and Lynne Yamamoto.

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ARTES MAGAZINE: A Fine Art Magazine: Passionate for Fine Art, Architecture & Design

Janet Bellotto at De Luca Fine Art Gallery, Toronto, Canada

Following the Lure of the Scent: Exploring the Power of Fragrance

Posted on 25 April 2012 | By Edward Rubin

 The artist Janet Bellotto’s exhibition The Lure, seen at the De Luca Fine Arts Gallery several months ago, proved intellectually engaging in the infinite number of ideas that it conjured, and was, at its very root, sensuous, seductive, and romantic, albeit in a self-contained, carefully-orchestrated manner. That is, despite the traditionally feminine thematic elements of flowers and perfumed fragrances inherent in the work, the Dubai/Toronto-based artist displayed not one ounce of sentimental gush or sappiness. An experimental artist at heart, with a bent towards the natural and social sciences, she excludes no method or persuasion a characteristic that Bellotto is known for –to get to the heart of the matter. In this 2011 exhibition, using video, sculpture, and photography, the artist adopted a cubistic approach to explore the subject of scent from many angles.

Effectively curated by gallery director Corrado DeLuca, The Lure began in the street-facing front window of the gallery with a large, intoxicatingly blood-red circular photograph of a bouquet of red roses entitled Bliss or Torture (2011). Like other works of Bellotto on display, it appeared to be alive and moving…the eye-fooling trick at work? The artist’s use of a lenticular printing process, a technology in which a special lens produces layered images to create an illusion of depth, allows the image to flip back and forth when viewed from different angles. Like temptation itself, Bliss or Torture, was both inviting and portentous—a point the artist successfully entertained in other of works on view.
While the beauty of Lure appealed primarily to the bodily senses—visual first, then olfactory—at its core, the exhibition’s conceptual nature required thought and contemplation, for each flower-based work became a receptacle of the artist’s ideas. For those who elected to take the course, it was also a study of flowers—red and white roses, narcissus, dandelions, deadly nightshades, daffodils—as metaphors for the power of fragrance to cite history, trigger memory and awaken our emotions. Bellotto also hinted, not too subtly, I thought, of her  own experience with “clouds of scent that follow many people,” as well as  aromas infusing the air in perfume parlors that are predominant in the United Arab Emirates—Dubai in particular—where she co-chairs and teaches in the Department of Art and Design at Zayed University.

Entry to Lure was an encounter with The Grass is Greener (2011), a blown glass, shell-shaped sculpture filled with grass-scented oil, colored black with the addition of india ink, the very oil, as the artist informed me, that instigated this project. “The smell of the oil reminded me of cut grass, something not usually found in the desert climate of the Emirates.” Further embracing the sense of smell, Bellotto’s Flora from the Emirates (2009), portrayed a museum-type vitrine lined with vials of perfumed oils. “I began collecting various perfume oils that reminded me of nature – or nature- filled moments that I could not experience in the UAE. The purpose of putting them on display was to create another picture of the flower, a visual transition through the colors of the scents.” Indeed, this is exactly what happened. In “viewing” the vials, each with its own color and fragrance – grass, saffron, rose,  jasmine, and oud, whose smell is reminiscent of a damp forest wood – I found myself trying to visualize, but actually succeeding with the more familiar flowers, grass, and plants, that the oils were extracted from.

In Floral Façade (2011), four facemasks on paper with perfumed essence, Bellotto fashioned a series to fool the eye, nose and mind, not unlike various species of insect-eating plants using these same elements of form, color, and smell to mask their imminent danger. Like unsuspecting insects, one is drawn to the beauty of the flowery masks; on closer inspection, however, their beauty turns horrific, the realization gradually occurring that each mask, deliberately camouflaged with an enticing design, is used solely to enable its wearer to breathe, not only easily, but sometimes, to breathe at all. Mirror of Opposites and Envy, the smallest and simplest of the masks, half-face masks, in fact, are the type used to filter air for asthmatics and others with respiratory problems. The most ghastly of the group – ironically the most compelling in size, shape and design – proved to be Weeds of Dreams and Deadly Bed of Roses, full-face gas masks worn by firemen and soldiers at war.

In The Niche of Your Hair (2011), a literary-based wall installation, Bellotto, whose hair is down past her waist – perhaps, like many coifs in the Emirates, even perfumed – made use of the peineta, a large decorative comb worn under a mantilla or lace covering, as a metaphor relating the scent and flow of perfume and its romanticism, to that of the hair. Each of the seven acrylic peinetas on view, all intricately designed and laser-cut by the artist, contained words from the title or body of poems discussing perfume. Here the romantic sonnets of Baudelaire, Shakespeare, and others, served her well. In one peineta, Bellotto, in a bow to the multibillion dollar cosmetic industry, used the words Montezuma Red, the color of the lipstick that Elizabeth Arden created for women in the armed forces during World War II, to match the red on their uniforms.

The two most mesmerizing works in Bellotto’s exhibition – due to their cinematic beauty – were her digitally-manipulated videos, The Lure and Blow (2011). In each one-minute piece, assembled from Internet-appropriated footage looped to run continuously, she managed, without wandering too far from her exploration of perfumed fragrance and the olfactory sense, to link the visuals’ rhythms to the viewer’s own breathing patterns; and perhaps, if one’s imagination allowed—as mine did—to one’s sexual responses. In Blow, a row of Narcissus lined up like dancing chorus girls at the skirt of a stage, performing nature’s dance. They first appeared as buds, then, like the shooting fireworks of an orgasm, exploded violently into bloom. The Lure pitted two contrasting elements– a large, wavering pink flower and billowing puffs of smoke–face to face. Just as in life, Bellotto left it to the viewer to determine whether the subject was a kind of symbolic, balletic pas de deux, or a duel to the death.

By Edward Rubin, Contributing Writer

The Lure, appeared at De Luca Fine Art Gallery, Toronto, Canada, in November, 2011

 artes fine arts magazine

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Janet Bellotto exhibition is currently adorning the window displays at Harvey Nichols, Dubai

Art on display at Harvey Nichols
A mixed-media exhibition is currently adorning the window displays at Harvey Nichols. The creations, by Dubai-based Italian-Canadian artist Janet Bellotto, feature mannequin-like sculptures (some hanging upside down) in seascapes. She says they’re inspired by the stories of the sea, as well as Dubai’s pearl-diving history. For a behind-the-scenes look at how the display was put together, grab the new issue of Time Out Style magazine, in stores now.
Until April 30. Harvey Nichols, Mall of the Emirates (04 409 8888).

 Between March 18th, 2012 to March 27th, 2012

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Art Show by Tony Calzetta

"Bob Was Quite Leary of the Jibber Jabber Jimmys" by Tony Calzetta

April 14th - May 5th, 2012
April 14th, 201
4:00 - 9:00 p.m.

T: (1) 416-537-4699

April 11, 12 & 13

217 Avenue Road
Toronto, Ontario M5R 2J3 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Join The Tour! Corrado De Luca owner / curator of De Luca Fine Art Gallery is attending this unique installation. Join him and others as they experience the 10 window installation.
Art Fair Dubai.

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Tony Calzetta

 April 14th - May 5th, 2012

"Untitled #863" 2011, 22 x 30 inches, charcoal on paper
April 14th, 2012
4:00 - 9:00 p.m. (rsvp requested)

217 Avenue Road, Toronto, Ontario M5R 2J3  
T: (1) 416-537-4699

Over the past 35 years Tony Calzetta has developed a distinctive visual language of bold, simplified forms where colour, texture and lines jump into a third dimension and dance to life to create works that challenge the viewer’s imagination.
As Kate Regan wrote in her essay Tony Calzetta: Line Dancing, “it was Paul Klee who wrote of taking a line for a walk to see where it would go. In the same spirit, Calzetta invites his lines to spin, zoom, fly, gesticulate and toddle.”
This important exhibition of major works, Calzetta’s first in five years, is a new collection of large scale canvasses and drawings.
Tony Calzetta received his B.F.A. from the University of Windsor and his M.F.A. from York University. He works mainly on canvas and paper and at times in sculpture and printmaking. He has published three major livres d’artiste, Acts of Kindness and of Love in collaboration with writer John Metcalf, and more recently How God Talks in His Sleep and Other Fabulous Fictions and Peculiar Practices with writer Leon Rooke. In addition to commissioned works he is represented in public, corporate and private collections in Canada, the U.S. and Europe. In 2011, his paintings exhibited at the Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Toronto were part of the Padiglione Italia at the 54 th International Venice Biennale. He was elected as a member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts (RCA) in 2004.
Tony Calzetta says: “My work is about drawing. The drawing is about images that are composed of shapes and forms constantly evolving from a highly personal visual vocabulary which started with subconscious doodling and automatic drawing and later from more conscious visual influences. My work can be viewed as “abstract funnies” or “surreal cartoons” which fit somewhere between high art and popular culture. My interest is with image as image and I believe in letting the viewer interpret and create his or her own narrative.”

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Harvey Nichols Dubai Under Water Experience!

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Calling all art lovers and enthusiasts; Harvey Nichols -Dubai presents an exclusive window installation in collaboration with contemporary Italian-Canadian artist Janet Bellotto.
The unique window displays can be viewed across all three levels of the Harvey Nichols –Dubaistore windows starting March 22 2012. The window installations magically move with the viewer with the full visual impact only experienced in person. “The opportunity to collaborate with Harvey Nichols–Dubai on the window installations at Mall of the Emirates is a riveting and challenging experience” says Janet, “I hope the installations will intrigue people’s curiosity and submerge them in a wave of experiences.”
Janet Bellotto is an artist fromTorontocurrently based inDubaiwhere she holds a position as an Associate Professor and co-chair of the Department of Art & Design at theZayedUniversity,Dubai. She graduated from the Sculpture and Installation program from theOntarioCollegeof Art & Design,Torontoand received an MFA in Sculpture and Studio Arts fromConcordiaUniversity,Montreal,Canada.
The Harvey Nichols –Dubaiwindow displays in collaboration with Janet Bellotto will run from March 22 until the end of April 2012 where the installations will be available to be viewed by the public.

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EXHIBITION: February 11th - March 11th, 2012

De Luca Fine Art | Gallery
L P o r t r a i t s

Leonard Cohen 2011, Oil on Canvas, Cm 50 x 50

Bob Dylan 2011, Oil on Canvas, Cm 50 x 50
on Saturday, February 11, from 4 - 7 p.m.
Giovanni Cerri (Milano, 1969) began his activity as a painter in 1987 and since then has had numerous exhibitions in Italia and abroad. His personal shows are as follows: 1995 – Galleria Cortina – Milan; 2000 – Galleria Artistudio/Magrorocca – Milan; 2002 – Galleria Monogramma – Rome; Cortina Arte – Milan; 2006 – Galleria Blanchaert – Milan; 2007 – Galleria Palmieri – Busto Arsizio; 2008 – Spazio Tadini – Milan, ComoArte – Como, Avanguardia Antiquaria - Milan; 2009 – Galleria Gli Eroici Furori – Milan, Museo d’Arte Moderna di Gazoldo degli Ippoliti (MN), Ex Chiesa di San Pietro in Atrio – Como, Orenda Art International - Paris;  De Luca Fine Art | Gallery – Toronto, Galleria Cappelletti – Milan, Galerie Kuhn & Partner – Berlin; 2011 – Spazio Arte - Milan, Avanguardia Antiquaria – Milan, Galleria Berga – Vicenza.
Among the group shows in which he has participated: 1998 - "Milano-Berlino" / Metropoli a confronto – Galerie Verein – Berlin; 2002 – "Arte per tempi nuovi" – Galerie Die Ecke – Augsburg (Germany); 2006 – Premio Michetti – Francavilla al Mare (CH); 2008 – "I Cerri. Giancarlo e Giovanni. La pittura di generazione in generazione" – Museo della Permanente – Milan, "Maestri di Brera" – Museo d’Arte Moderna di Shanghai; 2010 – Le Meduse – Fabbrica del Vapore – Milan, "Riprogettare l’Archeologia" – Triennale di Milano; 2012 - "Le Meduse, mare nero" – Gallery at Avalon Island – Orlando, Florida U.S.A.
In 2011, he exhibited at the  54th Biennale di Venezia, Padiglione Italia, curated by Vittorio Sgarbi.
This is Giovanni Cerri’s second exhibition in Toronto at De Luca Fine Art | Gallery . In 2010 he had his first personal exhibition entitled "Hurricane of Light", presenting a cycle of works on the theme of the city, the main subject of his work. This exhibition, entitled "LPortraits", is a series of portraits of the most famous faces of pop rock from the United States and Canada. Cerri, remaining faithful to his pictorial language, has interpreted famous "icons": from Bob Dylan to Patti Smith, from Neil Young to Leonard Cohen, from The Ramones to Aerosmith. A gallery of faces where the artist tries to also communicate the expressive "atmosphere" of these musicians, and trying to translate the spirit of their music in to images.
The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue in the same format of the LPs with texts by Alberto Figliolia and Bruno Milone.
  This exhibition runs from February 11th - March 11th, 2012 at  
De Luca Fine Art | Gallery located at 217 Avenue Road, Toronto.
Join us at the opening reception on  
Saturday, February 11th, from 4 - 7 p.m.  
Don’t miss it ! We look forward to seeing you !
R.S.V.P. to   
Please contact us if you would like to receive a full price list of the works for this exhibition. Don't forget to inquire about our additional services, consultation, and art rental programs that are available.  

De Luca Fine Art | Gallery
217 Avenue Road, Toronto, ON M5R 2J 3 CANADA 

T: (1) 416 - 537 - 4699
Jes E. Sladojevic  
Gallery Hours:  Wed - Sat  12 - 6 p.m.
Gallery tours are welcomed, or contact us to schedule a private appointment.

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"Untitled" by Vincenzo Petropaolo

Vincenzo Pietropaolo

"The McMichael Tree Project"

January 8 - April 22, 2012

at the McMichael Canadian Collection

This is the first time that Vincenzo's photographs of Trees Series are in a major exhibition, which also includes his earlier work on Olive Trees as well as the more recent Toronto Tree Portrait Series, and many others.

We hope you will get a chance to see it.

For further information, please go to the McMichael Canadian Collection web

and for more info on Vincenzo Pietropaolo, please contact the gallery at:

217 Avenue Road
Toronto, Ontario
M5R 2J3
(1) 416-537-4699

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Noteworthy Decor Sources - Masterpiece Masterminds

Representing Canadian and international artists, De Luca Fine Art Gallery pairs rental art to event theme such as a series of paintings of aged wine bottles for a wine tasting. The Avenue Road gallery is also able to mount whole decor installations from oversized reproductions to video and conceptual art. Take for example the towering backdrop of Caravaggio’s The Musicians that De Luca’s artistic team produced for this year’s Venetian Ball’s VIP dinner.
De Luca Fine Art Gallery provided
the oversized Caravaggio's
The Musicians for the recent
Venetian Ball
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A r t S a l o n

Please R.S.V.P. to

A r t S a l o n

217 Avenue Road
Toronto, ON M5R 2J3

De Luca Fine Art | Gallery

A r t  S a l o n

This spectacular exhibition is your chance to see 22 artists at once. It’s the prefect introduction of what the new year will bring. Don’t miss it !

This group exhibition runs from December 3 - 31, 2011
at De Luca Fine Art | Gallery located at 217 Avenue Road, Toronto.


ARTISTS:  Flavio Belli (Canada) – Janet Bellotto (United Arab Emirates/Canada) – Bruno Billio (Canada) – Emanuele Bonfanti (Italy) – Mauro Bordin (France) – Tony Calzetta (Canada) – Jerry Campbell (Canada) – Giovanni Cerri (Italy) – Giuseppe De Luca (Italy) – Daniel Diaz (Argentina/Canada) – Laura Fantini (USA) – Ciba Karisik (Canada) – André Krigar (Germany) – Jiri La Docha (Canada) – Ernesto Manera (Argentina/Canada) – Francesco Marchetti (UK/Italy) – Antonio Pedretti (Italy) – Vincenzo Pietropaolo (Canada) – Abraham Anghik Ruben (Canada) – Iner Souster (Canada) – Michael Toke (Canada) – Juno Youn (Canada).

For more information regarding this event and/or our services, consultation, and art rental program please visit


For inquiries and further information:

Corrado De Luca
T: (1) 416-537-4699

Jes E. Sladojevic
T: (1) 416-537-4699

Wed-Sat 12-6 p.m.
or by appointment

Saturday, October 29, 2011

18th Annual Venetian Ball 2011

De Luca Fine Art Gallery is proud to announce that owner Corrado De Luca involvement as an Event Supplier for this years Venetian Ball 2011.

The 18th annual Venetian Ball will take over the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts, celebrating all things Italian – including the 40th anniversary of Villa Charities and the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy.

The performance will feature numerous top-tier Canadian artists that will not only be a show-stopper, but also a complete surprise. 

The format of The Venetian Ball will see 2,000 guests attend a cocktail reception and a once-in-a-lifetime concert of Italian music. During the concert a short documentary created and directed by Corrado De Luca will be viewed. Following the concert, guests will be treated to a wide array of food stations from some of the city's top restaurants. For more than 600 VIP guests, the Four Seasons stage will be transformed into a dining experience  catered by an award-winning chef, followed by an evening of dancing and celebration.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Janet Bellotto: “The Lure”

November 3 –  November 27, 2011
Opening: Thursday, November 3,  6 - 9 pm.
De Luca Fine Art | Gallery
217 Avenue Road
Toronto, ON, M5R 2J3
T: 416-537-4699
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 11-5pm

The The Lure emerges from olfactory investigations borrowing from fact and fiction. Inspired by the mirage of aromas from perfume salons that attempt to seduce passers-by, Janet Bellotto entertains the gallery with an installation of illuminating and fragrant objects and scintillating video. At a time when illnesses travel instantaneously around the globe, scent emerges and vanishes like a mirage, and yet resonate memories and emotions. The objects in Bellotto’s work acts in the tradition of aromatherapy while entertaining how certain smells can conjure up memories of place. The Lure attempts to tap into the history of per fumum (Latin) – which translates as “through the smoke”, where aromatic smells have been used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes.

Janet Bellotto is an artist from Toronto, who splits her time teaching in Dubai at Zayed University. She graduated from the Sculpture/Installation program from the Ontario College of Art & Design, Toronto, and received an MFA in Sculpture/Studio Arts from Concordia University. Her practice encompasses sculpture, installation, photography, video and performance. She continues to write and curate, while exhibiting both locally and internationally.
Recent exhibitions include: 2011 Untitled Original, CDA Projects, Istanbul Contemporary Crosscurrents: Portraits and Electronic Arts, Streaming Museum in Dubai  (; A Cozy Lie, Redhead Gallery, Toronto; 2010 – 12th Cairo Biennale, Cairo, Egypt; Drowning Ophelia, Stratford Gallery, Stratford; 2009 – Point of Encounter, Tashkeel, Dubai; 2008 – In-Situ, The JamJar, Dubai; WAVE, The LAB, New York City; 2007 – Dehisce, kkprojects, New Orleans, USA.

De Luca Fine Art | Gallery, established in 2004, is now located at 217 Avenue Road. The gallery represents and introduces Italian and International Artists to Canadian audiences. In collaboration with select Italian Galleries, De Luca Fine Art | Gallery introduces established and emerging Canadian Artists to Europe.  

For more information regarding this event and/or our services, consultation, and art rental program please visit


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Through The Lens. A Photographic Journey with Vincenzo Pietropaolo

By Phil Anderson

     Upon meeting with documentary photographer, Vincenzo Pietropaolo at Toronto‘s De Luca Fine Art / Gallery, now on Avenue Road, he explained of how he captured images of the Italian community as a young boy, an immigrant child. The camera allowed him access to another world. As a young man he played pool in a then local pool hall which is now part of a trendier world for visitors to the neighbourhood. 

     His art practice has evolved into many photographic series and eight photographic books such as Celebration of Resistance (1999), Harvest Pilgrims (2OO9), Making Home in Havana (2OO2) and Not Paved With Gold(2OO6) as well many writings and essays.

Commmunity meeting with government officials  from Not Paved with Gold: Italian-Canadian immigrants in the 1970′ ©Vincenzo Pietropaolo

     Photographs from the Not Paved with Gold series, explained Pietropaolo, exemplified the disillusion many new Italian immigrants felt arriving in Canada expecting more opportunities than existed.

Pietropaolo‘s latest book,  

Invisible No More (2O1O)
is an exploration into the lives of Canadians with intellectual disabilities and their families. Like most of his photographic work it has a social commentary that gives us all a better understanding of his subject matter and tells a poignant story with pictures. All Pietropaolo‘s portraits are engaging and immerse the viewer into the world of the subject. Pietropaolo successfully takes the viewer with him into these new worlds.

 ”David in his mother’s arms”,  from the book Invisible No More: A  Photographic Chronicle of the Lives of People with Intellectual Disabilties. ©Vincenzo Pietropaolo
    Pietropaolo’s exhibit at De Luca Fine Art / Gallery (June 3 – July 2) was just coming to an end and it had encapsulated much of his early work from the 1970‘s documenting, the Toronto Italian community, immigrant farm and factory workers in Toronto and workers from across Canada. One of his most memorable experiences as a photographer was documenting workers across Canada as part of a commissioned project by the Canadian Auto Workers. He was allowed access to over 100 factories and workplaces across the country. When asked how workers felt about being photographed he said most were elated and asked what they should do. He asked them to just go about their work as usual. Some of the workplaces also thought, “why didn’t we think of creating a book commemorating our workers”, explained Pietropaolo.
Workers in a sock factory in Toronto’s garment district. From Not Paved with Gold: Italian-Canadian Immigrants in the 1970s ©Vincenzo Pietropaolo
     He said while today we talk about eating “local“ produce consumers don’t realize how many farms use migrant workers that leave their families for 3-6months of the year in order to support them. One photographic image in the exhibition captures this misery well. It is a letter written to a family in Jamaica from an migrant worker in Ontario.
Tony Peart’s letter to his wife, from Harvest Pilgrims: Mexican and Caribbean Migrant Farm Workers in Canada. ©Vincenzo Pietropaolo   
     All of the works in the De Luca Fine Art / Gallery exhibit were black and white silver gelatin prints. Pietropaolo has embraced digital photography as most professional photographers have partly because of the demands of the profession. A little of the old magic has disappeared with the new technology but it has new advantages.
Ancient Monolith (olive tree #1), Calabria, Italy, 1979. ©Vincenzo Pietropaolo
     Pietropaolo is also in a current exhibition as part of the Venice Biennale – Padiglione Italia the 54 th International Art Exhibition In Honour of the 150th Anniversary of the Unification of Italy curated by Vittorio Sgarbi at the Istituto Italiano Di Cultura  (June 6 – November 27, 2011). The exhibition includes artist Tony Calzetta and mixed media artist, Francesca Vivenza as well as Vincenzo Pietropaolo. One can look forward to seeing more works by Pietropaolo and getting a further glimpse into the world as he captures it with images.

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